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Can't Let Go by Jane Hill

Title : Can't Let Go

Author : Jane Hill

Publisher : Arrow Books

Rating : 1.5/5

Read in english

When Beth Stephens opens the first mysterious note, she is terrified. Someone out there, someone who seems to be stalking her every footstep, has prised open the terrible secret she's been hiding for over a decade. And he is threatening to exact revenge.
All these years, Beth has carefully built her life on a lie, kept to herself, been wary of close relationships and protective of her privacy. And now, just when she finally thinks herself safe, her days filled with new friendships, a boyfriend and a steady job as a teacher, everything starts to unravel. Suddenly, she can trust no one, seeing danger everywhere, and she realizes that she has to find the stalker before he closes in on her ...
My review:
I was expecting a lot from this novel. I'm addicted to thrillers, suspense novels and such. Being a die-hard fan of Maxime Chattam... It was to be expected. So, falling upon a novel in english and with such a summary? It was too good to be true! 
But I fell. Hard. 
This novel is almost everything I hate in novels. It's full of descriptions, everyday scenes, repeating itself over and over again. From the very first page, we know that Beth is going to confess to a friend (so it's not a spoiler so don't shoot me!). We also know from page one what awful secret she hides. We almost know everything frome page one anyway and the 200 following pages' only purpose are to make her meet Zoey and date Danny.
And make me want to kill Beth myself. 
Beth is the most annoying character ever. She's always whining and saying things like "I did something horrible and it's catching up on me", "I have no friends" and blah and blah. But hey, she's so freaking annoying I wonder how Danny and Zoey can handle it. I definitely wouldn't. Making a friend out of someone who flees for no apparent reason, pushes people off every so often and is boring as hell? No way. She has no friends and no life because she makes it that way because of that ghost. She can't let go (nice pun, right?)
Nothing happens at all. Honestly, those 350something pages were the longest I've ever read in my life. And I read Proust. And Les Miserables. Even Du Côté de Chez Swann is more enjoyable than this book!
Anyway, there's still a good point about it. Yes, I manage to find one. 
Around the end, the breaking point is pretty well thought. It's a pity that it was so badly brought up because it could have been really good. If I had felt more sympathy towards Beth maybe it would have worked somehow.  But I hate her so much that I just kept on reading without a care in the world. In fact, I just wanted Beth to die all along the novel. I don't think that was Jane Hill's plan but that's how it ended up for me.
The writing is heavy (who would describe a cafeteria tray?!!), the plot doesn't go on, the main character is whiny and there's no action. Over the whole book, we barely talk about the notes from the summary! It should have been the whole point of the novel but they aren't even evoked! It all happens in Beth's head and that didn't work for me.
I regret buying that book. It's the second one that made me feel that way and it's a tie with Alexandra Adornetto's Halo for the worst book I've ever read award. I was nice by giving it 1.5 stars...

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